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Museo storico della Liberazione - Roma


Based on the belief that a modern State could not deny promoting the scientific and technological development, fascism focused significantly on the development of the scientific institutions of the capital. As a demonstration, a new university town was built (known today by the name Sapienza) and-consequently - the National Research Committee, the health institute, the national mathematics institute were shaped around it (1939). Among the branch of the economic and statistics science it is important to remember the headquarters statistics institute and the national institute of agriculture. Renowned focal vanguard technology headquarters are also to be reminded: on the one hand a national Pool for naval architectural experiments was built in the bay of the Tiber in San Paolo area, where prototypes of hulls and propellers between 1927 and 1929 developed; on the other hand, between 1926 and 1935, aeronautical expertise and laboratories of experimentation- conducted at the recently built airport in Guidonia- gave life to the institution of an aeronautical experimentation institute (called Direzione Superiore Studi ed Esperienze). Both centres were the foundation of the international accomplishments the regime boasted about.