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Museo storico della Liberazione - Roma

The battle of Montelungo

With the arrival of the armistice soldiers were left high and dry by the high command, so they abandoned their barracks and had to individually decide on what to do next. Those who managed not to be captured by the Germans joined the ranks of the Resistance, the clandestine Military Front or political formations formed in the aftermath of Mussolini's fall which, straight after 8 September, gave rise to the National Liberation Committee (CLN). Others managed to cross the lines to the South, and joined Italian soldiers stationed in the already liberated part of Italy, resulting in the creation of the Italian Liberation Corps. This Corps overcame the initial suspicions of the Allies and fought in the Battle of Montelungo, near Cassino, earning the esteem of US general Clark. At Montelungo for the first time an Italian unit fought as a co-belligerent alongside the Allies, paying a high price in terms of human life but gaining credibility in the eyes of the coalition.