The police station and the Nazi prison

After the Nazi occupation of Rome, followed by the days of valiant but unsuccessful defense of the capital by military and civilian (8-11 September 1943), in the building of Via Tasso was placed the command of “Sicherheitdienst polizei” (SIPO). To command this organization was placed lieutenant colonel Herbert Kappler, promoted after fighting at the front, which had a good knowledge of the roman milieu. 

Via Tasso became notorious as a place where you could also be driven without any reason, and from where you could end up directed at the war crimes tribunal, deported or held at the Regina Coeli prison. About two thousand men and women went there to be subjected to interrogation, torture and other violence.
Non only soldiers, clandestines and partisans transited there but also men and women, elderlies and young people, citizens of every class. From those people Kappler and his assistants wanted to extort information about clandestine organizations fighting for the Resistance, about welcome-places for jews and italian soldiers and allies about those who produced illegal press, false documents, caltrops.

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