Exhibition Itinerary - Third Floor - int.9

3 piano int 9

These places are reserved to the offices and the museum's archives, with the exception of the room at the end of the hall, dedicated to the documentation on anti-Semitism in Italy and in Rome.
Room 1:
October 15, 1943, the SS soldiers carried out a raid in the Roman Ghetto capturing 1,259 Jewish citizens. This happened a short term from the moment that Kappler, in the headquarters of the Gestapo, had taken delivery from Jewish community of Rome 50 kg of gold, which was to be precisely the guarantee that the Nazis would not have made any raid. The hall commemorates this episode, while putting emphasis on the solidarity shown towards those who were persecuted by the roman population and the Catholic Church. On display there are documents, correspondence, prison cards of detained Israelites in Via Tasso, personal documents, identity cards as well as school reports, newspapers and cartoons of the time regarding the State measures for the defense of the race.
Two paintings donated to the museum by the jewish artist Georges de Canino are exhibited (a third one in the library). Among the works donated you can find also a sculpture by Salvo Fortuna and a painting by Giovanni Talleri. A monitor projects documentaries and interviews from the Archive of the Survivors of the Shoah by Visual History Foundation of Los Angeles.

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