Exhibition Itinerary - Third Floor - int.8

3 piano int 8


Photos of the fallen, documentations of dramatic situations, indications of places where the German repression was very violent, emphasize the contribution that the cities and villages of Lazio gave to the Resistance.

Cell n.11:
Posters that speak the language of that time: admonitions and orders, dietary and personal freedom restrictions, constraints, calls for denunciation …
Cell n.12:
It is the isolation cell, like that of the lower level, contains the messages of those who were detained.
Cell n.13:
A large collection of clandestine newspapers, printed in hiding, testifies the patriotic activity. In a showcase you can recognize the three-pointed nails used by the partisans against the columns of German lorries. In addition there is a touching and valuable relic: a loaf of bread on which a prisoner before his execution, carved the words "courage mother".
Cell n.14:
In this cell a large exhibition of all the flyering printed material in hiding is organized. In the same room the first flag that waved on the Campidoglio at the time of the liberation of Rome, June 4, 1944.


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