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Museo storico della Liberazione - Roma


The library of the Historical Museum of the Liberation has books and pamphlets relating to the the Nazi occupation of Rome, the Resistance and the war in Lazio. Over time it has been enriched with general and specific works related to Fascism, Nazism, anti-fascism during Mussolini’s dictatorship, the Resistance in Italy and in Europe, anti-Semitism, deportation, internment and forced labor.
The characteristic feature of the collection consists of brochures of the clandestine period and the early post-war period produced by anti-fascist movements and political parties, first editions of Memoirs of the 1943-1944 period published immediately after the liberation, works related to the processes to the Nazi managers and fascist collaborators. The acquisition continues through the antiques market.  

It pays special attention to identify and find any kind of publication (also commemorative) produced by municipalities, mountain communities, families, schools, associations, dioceses, parishes, committees and other bodies on the war, the Resistance, bombings, deportation, massacres, relating neighborhoods and suburbs of Rome, municipalities and smaller towns in Lazio. It is almost always out of print and difficult to find material, for which it is essential the reporting of local scholars and the collaboration and generosity of creators.

The archival material can be consulted in the opening hours of the Museum (preferably in the afternoon), upon agreement with the supervisor (

It is not allowed to get materials on loan. You must exhibit a valid ID card or similar (identity card, passport). Citizens of other countries must present a letter of accreditation too, in Italian language, of a scientific or cultural institution, organization or company or diplomatic or consular authority. It is possible to photocopy (contribution € 0.10 per page) or authorize digital photo-reproductions in accordance with the rules in force in the italian state archives and here exhibited.