Institutional Archive

I – Administration (1953-1981).
The first section of the Institutional Archive is Administration. It contains the acts relating to the administrative, economic and accounting management, scientific and publishing activities and research promoted by the Museum. The cards that make it up are presented, in the years of the founding of the Museum (1954-1957), and, until the mid-eighties, almost complete, partially incomplete, however, in the following years.
The section is composed of 39 archival units.

II – Message Boards (1938-1957).
The section called Message Boards collects the documentation that was originally put on the notice boards placed in nine of the twelve rooms for the visitors of the museum. This documentation has been completely digitized thanks to the support of the National Research Council - Services for the IT management of documents, document flow and archivist (SeGID).
The section is composed of 13 archival units.

III – Dossier (1908-2009).
The section called Dossier consists of a collection of dossier containing stratified documentation, acquired through bequests and donations from individuals and institutions, composed and aggregated by topic or name, whose object is events, places and people that characterize the Italian Resistance, in particular the Roman one. The dossier, implemented and collected by the different collaborators or institutional bodies of the Museum, reflect thematic paths inevitably subjective of the interests of study or of the work of those who collected the documentation.
The section is composed of 495 archival units.

IV – German acts (1943-1944)
The German acts section is a collection, extremely fragmented and incomplete, but, currently, the most complete, of what remains of the documentation produced by the German occupying forces in Rome during the period from September 1943 to June 1944. It includes several types of documents ranging from matriculation cards of the German-run prisons in Via Tasso and Regina Coeli, the death sentences produced by the German Military Tribunal (Feldgericht), detention orders or release from prison of the two places of detention.

The section is composed of 495 archival units and 3606 matriculation cards.

V- Didactics (1996-2001).
This section is a very heterogeneous documentary type. It consists of two series: Courses and Contests. The first series, Courses, collects the documentation produced during the courses - organized by the Museum in the school years 1996/1997, 1997/1998, 1998/1999, 1999/2000 - dedicated to the teachers of secondary and high schools. The second series, Contests, consists of the documentation produced by the Museum in the course of the management and organization of competitions for schools, in order to define poetry, drawings, cartoons, little family histories and local realities experienced during the Second War world.

The section is composed of 11 archival units e 34 tape cassette.

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