The Archive

The Archive of the Historical Museum of the Liberation consists of the institutional fund and different aggregates funds. Its foundation dates back to 1954, when the founder of the Museum, Guido Stendardo, worked in the recovery of documentary material, bibliographic and memorabilia, and for the installation of the rooms of the museum, both for the formation of those that will become, later the library and archives. The archival fund that constitutes the bulk of the documentary heritage is the Institutional Archive of the Museum that consists of five sections: Administration, Message Boards, Dossier, German Cards, and Didactics.

Five aggregates funds are added to it: Fund Arrigo Paladini, Fund Giuseppe Dosi, Fund Giannetto Barrera, Fund Amedeo Coccia, Fund Silverio Corvisieri.

The work of cataloging and inventorying of all the archival collections held at the Museum was edited by Alessia A. Glielmi.

Bibliography: A. Glielmi, Guida all’archivio del Museo storico della Liberazione, Vecchiarelli, Manziana, 2014

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