Educational Services

Didactics Services for schools

Since twenty years, the direct activities dedicated to secondary schools - in Rome, and the Province of Lazio, from all over Italy and several countries in Europe and other continents - occupies a privileged space in the activities of the Museum.

An entrust and experienced team, coming from teaching and continously updated, offers the possibility of direct visits to integrate and not replace the curricular teaching. The nature of the New European Order, that the Nazis wanted to impose on Europe and on Italy with the complicity of the new fascism of RSI, is examined in deph starting from the police, the prison, the massacres and the deportation of Jews. At the same time, presenting the political and military activities of the clandestine military Front and the partisan groups, parties and anti-fascist movements, religious and secular organizations of solidarity and support, sketched the forms, methods and objectives of the Resistance, armed or not.


Constitute active participation of activities for students – those are already adequately prepared in the classroom - that under the guidance of tutors realize a thematic path through the museum, the exhibits, the library, the archive, works of visual art, the video library and databases.


Those are different activities that requires collaboration between various museums and memorial sites in Rome and outside Rome. Eg. Itinerary of 2 “Risorgimenti” (Vittoriano and via Tasso), popular participation (Roman Republic -1849- and Resistance), detention (Via Tasso, Criminology Museum, Regina Coeli, S. Maria della Pietà) ,war and resistance in Lazio (Via Tasso, Anzio, Cassino), resistance in Rome ( Via Tasso, Grenadiers museum, Jewish Museum, Fosse Ardeatine), Nazi massacres (via Tasso, Fosse Ardeatine; Borgo Montenero (LT), Paliano (FR), Leonessa (RI), and so on.)
Each activity has its organizational and time costs more or less long planning and implementation. The Museum does not assume any responsibility for the contents and the quality levels of initiatives for schools that are promoted and realized by various associations and organizations with own staff and own guests, as part of projects promoted by schools and local authorities.

The educational services for universities

The museum can also implement educational and cultural initiatives (visits, short courses, workshops, tours, productions and accomplishments of written texts, collections of documents and images, videos, comics, etc...) in collaboration with Departments, Study Programmes, Master and Doctorate of Italian and foreign universities.
It also participates in cultural ant not cultural events proposed by students. In addition, the Museum – in accordance with its availability of space and staff - hosts students for internships relating to their study programms, masters, PhD, on the basis of special agreements and individual training plans.

The educational services for the cultural update for Lifelong Education

The museum, making use of a network of collaborators in the Department or in universities, in other Italian Institutes of Culture and not, can participate - in collaboration with professional bodies, local authorities and special purpose entities, government departments – at the design and implementation of cultural update initiatives for school teachers and cultural services staff. In addition it makes available its educational and scientific experience for the fulfillment – even with a commitment to IT and audiovisual tools- of lifelong learning initiatives promoted by universities of the third age, social centers for the elderly and families, workers' organizations and pensioners.

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